Open Relationship University is dedicated to working with couples who want to move from monogamy to some form of open relationship. We find these couples are often dealing with a lot of shame, jealousy and trust issues. What they want is to stay together while keeping the freedom to explore other relationships. ORU hosts regular events and offers private coaching sessions to singles, couples, triads, quads and moresomes.

Alex Schoenfeldt has been studying meditation and consciousness with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar since 1991. He has been studying massage and healing since 1992. In 2011 Alex began an intensive study or relationships and communication.

Gloria Schoenfeldt offers relationship coaching and Science of Mind practitioner sessions. She has been studying the Science of Mind since 1998, and received her Practitioner License from Centers for Spiritual Living in 2013, following a 2 year program of study. She loves to work with clients to help them move past limiting beliefs into a fuller and more free expression of themselves in the world. She is particularly skilled in working with clients around issues of intimate relationships and sexuality.

Alex and Gloria have been leaders in the polyamory and open relationship communities since 2013. What they saw was people new to open relationships were all having very similar struggles. Open Relationship University developed to get people through the transition to open relationships as smoothly as possible, missing the pitfalls that are common for this transition, and pulling people out of the pitfalls they had already fallen into.

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