events calendar

Regular ORU events:

The 2nd Wednesday of every month:
“What is an open relationship and how do I not fuck it up?”
This event is an introduction to the ideas and concepts of open relationships, with time for questions and answers.
7PM to 9PM
email for address (or use contact form)

The 3rd Thursday of every month:
The Open Relationship Community potluck.
This event is a community gathering, a social event, and we do a group discussion or skill building session.
While the date is always the 3rd Thursday, and the time is always 7 PM, the location changes every month. This event is always posted on the Open Relationship University Meetup page and the Open Relationship University Facebook page. Join the Meetup group or “Like” the Facebook page to get invited.

The 1st Saturday or even numbered months
Essence is a private members only event that explores the connections between spirituality and sexuality.
Go to Mission Control for more information.

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